At CECC, we draw up designs of all magnitudes, from a small part of an installation for a small office to a complete installation for a large building.

Our typical design stages include:

  • Formulation of a set of requirements
  • Design and calculate
  • Drawing of installations (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, ProE)
  • Drafting of specifications

When designing a new installation, a wide variety of criteria are taken into account. This is done using a defined set of requirements, which CECC can prepare for you as a preliminary draft which can be worked into your final design.

Based on the installation and architectural requirements, the technical specifications are included in the design with all conditions and prerequisites laid out. CECC can draft this for you from scratch or your existing specifications can be analyzed, checked or updated. With the specifications as a starting point, calculations can be made. The end result may consist of a specification complete with AutoCAD drawings. If desired 3D technical drawings can also be created using SolidWorks, Inventor or ProE.