Lightning and Surge Protection

Lightening protection

Though a thunder storm may be an incredible natural phenomenon, there could be major consequences if lightning were to directly strike an electrical conductor so for this reason, protecting against it is essential.

Lightning protection is needed not only for protection of buildings and other assets but also to guarantee continuity of your business. Lightning protection ensures that harmful currents, generated during lightning discharge, are safely transported to the earth.

CECC can design lightning protection systems and will assist in the selection and supervision of professional installers to safely secure your assets. These systems can be made even safer and have their life-cycles extended through regular maintenance by CECC under our Long-Term Maintenance Program.

Surge protection

Computers and communication systems are very sensitive to electrical disturbances. Disturbance sources that can bring about negative effects to your systems include voltage fluctuations in the power grid caused by electromagnetic fields, lightning impact in the vicinity of the building or by lightning discharge between clouds. By introducing surge protection mechanisms, voltage differences in electrical and electronic systems are leveled out thus preventing damage to the various systems’ digital files or even total destruction of the system.

CECC can help you to implement surge protection for your computers through unbiased advice, sensible recommendations in suitable products and careful installation.