Implementation and Execution Phase

Preceding the execution of any construction work, an extensive consultation should be done with all parties concerned, including the contractor and the users of the building. The nature of the work is discussed in these initial consultations as well as turnaround times and the impact that the work will have on the building's users.

Following these preparations and guidelines, execution of the work can commence. The method of execution employed should always be the most efficient one with the least amount of disturbance to parties involved. During the execution phase, CECC can be notably present to guide and oversee the work as well as to chair the meetings that arise during construction. As principal you will be kept informed closely about the progress of the works.

CECC can provide periodic inspections and perform random checks during the construction phase to reduce the likelihood of error or disappointment for the final delivery of the project. Our involvement will also involve obtaining and recording different measurements to ensure the quality of the work. Once the works are complete, the final delivery will be compared to the principles set in the technical specifications. CECC will outline any differences if they exist but if the execution of the works has been found in order, a final delivery report will be submitted.

This final delivery report can be supplemented with updated drawings to fit the final delivery. For more information about how we can help you to keep your drawings updated, click here to check our section on Drawings. These drawings as well as any other technical documentation can be safely stored on our servers with our Engineering Documentation and Drawing Management service.

Some of the services we employ during the Implementation and Execution Phase are as follows:

  • Project Management
  • Project Preparation /directive deliveries
  • Preparation of work and detail drawings (AutoCAD)
  • Supervision during execution (quality control/ technical inspections)
  • Executing measurements & tests
  • Rendering advise
  • Material checks
  • Progress checks
  • Invoice checks
  • Commissioning installations including testing & guiding the test runs
  • Checking and/or preparation of As-build drawings
  • Checking or drafting of the technical file
  • Periodic and final inspections